Impressed with the CATS adjusting system. Wow!

 I am very impressed with the CATS adjusting system. Wow!

I utilized the CATS Level I palpation and adjustments my first day in the office, I love it. People love how relaxed they feel after assessing and adjusting the occiput properly before the atlas, and helping headaches, sinus pressure and many other things.

I was just “popping sore backs and necks”. Now, I feel that sense of purpose and focus returning. I feel like THIS is what I got into Chiropractic for. I want to tackle the challenges of all the areas that were covered in the videos. I want to MASTER and focus on and become the Chiropractor that is in demand, not just a diversified insurance commodity.

I was burned out early in my career. Now, I feel that with this incredible technique, I will get back to practicing Chiropractic and LOVE it again.

THANK YOU. I appreciate the work you have put into CATS and that you share it via video and seminar. I loved the videos and it made it easy to implement. Seeing and feeling it work right away was incredible.

Thank you again Roger, this has kindled a fire in me that I have not felt for many years.

Brandon Schultz

Amazing Interview With Dr. Roger Turner, D.C., and Dr. Clayton Roach

While some seminars serve as a waste of a weekend, dumping theoretical information in practical chiropractic brains, others light a fire within us and inspire us to go change the world. I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with Dr. Roger Turner, taking his level 1, CATS (Cranial Adjusting Turner Style) workshop. I have to say I was blown away at the information, its practicality and how easy it was to learn and implement on Monday morning. This guy is an amazing chiropractor as you will see in this interview. Not only has he been practicing for 42 years, patients travel from across the world to go see him. That’s right. Imagine the feeling of helping a non-verbal autistic patient speak again…without having to do a Kemp’s Test or SLR. This guy is pure chiropractic! I know you will enjoy the interview.

Dr. Clayton Roach

I have seen astonishing, near miraculous recoveries…

Dr. Roger Turner’s CATS technique is truly revolutionary, groundbreaking, and one of the most exciting techniques I have ever learned in my chiropractic career. It gives you the ability as a doctor to correct, restore, and optimize brain function by correcting the alignment of the cranial bones.

The adjustment is easy, fast, and painless. It produces both immediate and cumulative results. You will be able to improve or heal concussions, chronic severe migraines, brain fog, sleeping problems, learning disabilities, ADD, even autism. I have seen astonishing, near miraculous recoveries – – and so will you. Word-of-mouth excitement has spread like wildfire through my practice and I am now completely full. I urge you to learn this amazingly powerful technique and help your patients in ways you never thought were possible.

Michael Fiske DC
Vacaville CA