2017 CATS Workshop New Format

This year we are focusing on the ability of our current CATS practitioners and improving their technique skills.

We are doing technique only workshops. There will be no academic content. Both Level and Level II technique will be covered in the two-day workshop.

Palpation skills will be reviewed and improved. Each cranial adjustment will be reviewed in detail and application perfected.

The goal of these workshops is to bring the CATS practitioners skill up to enable them to get the same level of results as Dr.T.

If you have taken Level I, you will get the refresher fee of $450.00 (CDN). If you are new, the fee will be $799.00 (Canadian of course). All manuals for both level will be included.

The last “hot spot” workshop in 2016 – Costa Rica was with six CATS practitioners taking a review.  This is where we got the idea to just do technique. The six of them came away with greatly increased confidence in their cranial palpation and adjusting.

Concussion protocol will be presented in a 50-minute video which can be downloaded off the web site prior to the workshop.

2017 Schedule

  • Toronto – March 25/26
  • Vancouver – April 22/23
  • Montreal – May 6/7
  • Hot Spot, in November, to be determined Nov. 3 to 10 (possibly Jamaica)

Please register 30 days before the workshop date. After that, fees are double.

The History of Cranial Adjusting


Cranial Adjusting Turner Style is the cutting Edge of Advancement in Chiropractic Technique Technology.

Subluxations do not stop at the atlas. C.A.T.S. Chiropractors are learning to adjust the subluxations above the atlas.

The concept that the bones in the skull fuse in early childhood originated in a paper written in 1873 referred to as the “Munro-Kellie Doctrine.” The research that supported this theory is 136-years old and apparently the paper was not very well done (even for the standards of that time). We were even taught this same concept in Chiropractic College in the ’70s. Read more