" With tears in my eyes I get to report that Cody, age 4, a non-verbal Autistic boy said 'mom’ and 6 other words today!!!!!! His first words… I am thrilled to bring hope where there was none." - Dr. John Pantalone, DC

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    C.A.T.S. is easy to learn. Yet your adjustments can lead to dramatic changes in your patients' health. emotional well being and cognitive abilities. With this cranial adjustment technique:

    • non-verbal children speak
    • children read better
    • chronic headaches disappear
    • vision and hearing improves
    • brain fog is lifted

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  • Home Study Courses and C.A.T.S. Materials

    If you are unable to attend a C.A.T.S. workshop right now, we also offer our workshops on DVD. These workshops can also be recognized for home study credits, depending upon your state or province.

    You will also be able to take refresher courses any time for $200 off the regular workshop rate.

    DVDs and Refreshers